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Air Pollution

Delhi Turns Into A Gas Chamber: Wake Up Call, React Netizens

Delhi chokes on smog for the second day in a row, Twitterati throws up ambit of emotions

Delhi Turns Into A Gas Chamber: Wake Up Call, React Netizens


New Delhi: Delhi continues to struggle to breathe. Delhiites have been waking up to dense unrelenting smog that is choking and making visibility difficult. The air quality of the city was measured as ‘hazardous’ for the second day in a row as the pollutants in the air crossed the permissible standards by 42 times. Data gathered by the pollution monitors reported that the air quality in the city is not suitable to breathe for long hours. Doctors and the top medical body, the Indian Medical Association has called for the situation to be declared a ‘public health emergency’, as the air quality in the capital city plunged to levels equivalent to smoking at least 50 cigarettes in a single day.

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The world of social media erupted with reactions highlighting the poor state of affairs in the nation’s capital.

Boxer Vijender Singh‏ tweeted a picture of himself spporting a mask with a message – ‘What has happened to this world?’

While actor Arjun Kapoor, expressed his concern towards Delhi smog and urged everyone to come together and work out solutions, he added, It’s disconcerting to see the city suffocating. We need to put politics and personal agendas aside stopping the blame game & come together to find a solution otherwise all of us are gonna be affected in more ways than we realise.

He further added, “I hope & pray the people who are assigned the job of finding long term solutions activately seek & put them into action soon. As citizens we shouldn’t feel paranoid about the air we breathe. Our capital is suffering & we are all to blamed but now is the time to right our wrongs.”

Highlighting there is a need for everyone to come together to beat Air Pollution, Actor Dia Mirza said, “Makes our need to come together to #BeatPollution more urgent than ever before. #MyRightToBreathe #smogindelhi #AirPollution.”

Theater Actor Anshuman Jha wrote, “Is this the state we wish to leave the world in for the future generations? Lets not just keep worrying & genuinely do something about this #smogindelhi @ArvindKejriwal #DelhiNCR”

Film Director Shekhar Kapur posted a message that called for introspection, “The air you pollute, others breathe. What u consume, others pay for. With their health #smogindelhi #pollution #DelhiSmog”

Actor Shraddha Kapoor raised the question on the role of individuals when it comes to tackling air pollution and said,, “#SmogInDelhi is upsetting but are we doing our bit? Are we doing enough for the betterment of our city/country/planet?”

Urging people to act on Air Pollution, Actor Sonam Kapoor added, “The has become unbearable and it’s affecting each one of us. We need to start doing something and fast. Carpool, don’t burn garbage and be judicious with your resources. Stay safe Delhi!”

It is a wake up call according to actor Parineeti Chopra, who through her Instagram posted, “Can’t believe we have let things go so out of hand that human beings don’t have air to breathe to anymore. Can’t imagine the situation for kids and elders. Please guys, lets all WAKE UP. We cannot be doing this to our planet. #DelhiSmog”


While Celebrities expressed concern, ordinary citizens too were horrified at Delhi’s struggle for air to breathe.

The Killer Smog: Health Impact

Smog can lead to the onset of number of allergies or aggravate existing allergies. It may also decrease lung immunity and function across age groups.

Moreover, Smog can also aggravate pre-existing lung and cardiac functions along with uncontrollable or chronic coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath.

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