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From Old To Gold: Tap Your Creative Side To Upcycle Your Used CDs

According to a recent report by ASSOCHAM-NEC, India generates around 2 million tonnes of e-waste every year. It is time that you contribute less to it by reusing old CDs and DVDs

New Delhi: Once a must have, the compact discs or CDs and it next generation the DVDs died unceremoniously few years ago with the evolution of the digital media. Despite its virtual burial from our lives, physically these discs continue to exist and either gathers dust or get dumped in a manner more damaging to our planet than we realise.

But instead of just lying around and taking up space, this treasure trove of movies and songs can still serve a purpose. All you need to do is, get creative by reusing the discs to make something new out of it and give these discarded discs a new lease of life. Here is how you can do it yourself.

1. From Holding Movies To Preserving Photos

From Old To Gold: Usher Your Creative Side To Upcycle Your Used CDs

Bid adieu to e-waste as you frame those memories with a dash of bling

Whoever said that broken things are of no good certainly never came across this photo frame. To make this shiny photo frame, all you need is broken CDs.

How to make it?

Take a cardboard and draw two squares; the outer one of 10×10 cm and the inner square of 6×6 cm. Cut out the photo frame made using two squares and keep it on a flat surface. Now all you need to do is paste pieces of CDs on it.

Tip: You can either paint the cardboard with black paint and then paste CDs on it or paste CDs first and then cover the space between the discs with the paint.

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2. Colorful Tea Coasters, Courtesy Your Collection Of E-waste

From Old To Gold: Usher Your Creative Side To Upcycle Your Used CDs

Your guests will never know that it is e-waste lying under their cup of tea

Ditch looking for quirky tea coasters in markets or on online shopping websites when you can make one on your own. For this, all you need is some colorful fabric and glue. Spread some glue on the CD and cover it with the fabric of your choice and you are good to go. You can also use your old jeans to cover the CDs and make denim style tea coasters. Also, if you don’t want to do any of these things, simply paint the CDs.

3. Light Up Your Waste: Turn Discarded CDs Into Lamps

From Old To Gold: Usher Your Creative Side To Upcycle Your Used CDs

Get creative and brighten up your home with e-waste

A small lamp near your bed or on a bedside table or in a corner of a drawing room, adds up to the look and feel of the room. Also, it is not just about the lamp, but light too, which sets up the mood. Add that dash of light in your room with this DIY lamp. Just put together the CDs and add a bulb at the centre.

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4. Blingy Planter For A Blingy House

From Old To Gold: Usher Your Creative Side To Upcycle Your Used CDs

Add a touch of bling to the otherwise dull and boring planters. Though, today, planters are available in various shapes, colours and forms, but what about the ones you already have? Give them a new look by pasting pieces of CDs on it. This way the planters will not only shine, but will become the talk of the town. Also, you can keep blingy planters inside your house to uplift your drawing room.

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5. Make Your Kids Play And Learn With E-waste

From Old To Gold: Usher Your Creative Side To Upcycle Your Used CDs

Teach your kids the art of turning e-waste into useful products

Don that creative hat, if not for yourself, then for your kids who will love to play with these cute little creatures. The best thing about this craft is, you can make your kids a part of it and let them play and learn while they try to be a bit creative. What are you waiting for? Get some sheets of paper, glue, glitter and get going.

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