Durga Puja 2019 Becomes An Eco-friendly Affair With Pandals Across India Going Green And Plastic-FreeA look at how India is celebrating green and eco-friendly Durga Puja this year

New Delhi: Keeping up with the nationwide call of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Say no to plastic’ movement, Durga Puja committees across India have gone eco-friendly and have come up with innovative ways to decorate the pandals. From using scrap from the junkyards to decorating the idols using fruits, sea-shells and other eco-friendly products, this time, Goddess Dura has gone green in many unique ways.

Here’s a look at how some of the most innovative green pandals across the country:

Delhi: At Aradhana Park In east Delhi’s I P Extension It Is All About ‘Waste To Treasure’

Durga Puja 2019 Becomes An Eco-friendly Affair With Pandals Across India Going Green And Plastic-Free
With the theme ‘best out of waste’, Aradhana Park in IP Extension is one of Delhi’s unique pandal

Image a pandal that’s decorated with all things junks and scrap – from using the old empty soft drink cans, glass bottles, discarded light bulbs, and automobile parts, at the East Delhi’s Aradhana Park pandal, devotees will find anything and everything decorated using a waste item. A member of the committee from Indraprastha Matri Mandir Nirman Society says that approximately 220 kilos of scrap was collected this time of the year to make the idols and decorate the pandal in a green-way. Speaking to NDTV about the green initiative, the committee member also added, “The idea to make the idols using various automobile parts was conceptualized by our society member, Pinaki Ranjan Saha and executed by sculptors Mithu Chakraborty and Debasish Mishra. The material for making the pandal and idols were all sourced from junk dealers.”

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Durga Puja 2019 Becomes An Eco-friendly Affair With Pandals Across India Going Green And Plastic-Free
The entire set up of Durga Puja pandal is built using 220 kg of iron-based recycled material, approximately 250 plastic bottles and 20 kgs of soft drink cans

Explaining how the idols are made, an official said,

We used different junk for creating different idols, gas cylinders were used to create heads, vehicle shockers for arms, tin and steel scrap for other parts of the body. For Lord Ganesha, on the other hand, we used a frying pan that was cut in two to create the large ears.

Delhi’s Oldest Pandal At The Kashmere Gate

One of Delhi’s oldest pandal, dating back to 1910 – the Kashmere Gate, on the other hand, has decided to put a stop to the practice of idol immersion in the Yamuna for good. The Durga puja committee there has made a provision for the artificial pond at Burari, which is 10 km away from the pandal. Moreover, the bhog at this pandal has also taken the green route – instead of serving it in the traditional thermocol bowls, it is being served in bowls made of leaves.

Similar arrangements of idol immersion in form of artificial ponds have also been made at South Delhi’s Chittaranjan Park pandals. At the Block E puja pandal in CR Park, posters with the message ‘no use of plastic’ are up on all the pillars for devotees to take home the message of ‘celebrate festivities keeping in mind the environment’.

Durga Puja 2019 Becomes An Eco-friendly Affair With Pandals Across India Going Green And Plastic-Free
Source: Durga Puja, CR Park, Facebook Page

In Odisha, 115 Durga Puja Pandals Have Banned Single-use Plastics

‘Being environment-friendly is no longer an option but a duty’ – with this thought, Odisha’s, Durga Puja Committees have shunned the use of plastic from the pandals – be it in terms of decoration, serving the bhog or making the idols for the puja. The organisers in the state have come up with various ideas to make Durga Puja 2019 in Odisha a pollution-free affair. The Nayapalli Durga puja committee in Bhubhaneshwar has come up with an idea of using inedible wild fruits from forests to design the pandal. They are also using other biodegradable items like seashells and conches and have built a replica of Rajasthan’s Padmavat Palace.

Whereas, Jharpada Durga puja committee, has come up with a plastic-free Disneyland theme for this year.

Kolkata’s Durga Pandals Decorated In A Way To Spread Awareness About Saving The Environment

Kolkata – a hub of Durga puja celebrations has gone a step ahead and decided to make its pandals in such a way that devotees take home the message of saving the planet and environment in a serious way.

The Santoshpur Lake Pally committee has designed a pandal in a manner that creates awareness about pollution. Here one part of the pandal is made using waste polythene bags, plastic bottles. The pandal has made paintings and artwork to spread awareness about water conservation.

Moreover, many pandals in the state have also made their arena a plastic-free zone.

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In Ranchi, The Durga Puja Pandal Is Not Just Eco-friendly But Has Also Taken Steps For Proper Waste Disposal

Following the green mantra, Ranchi Pandal committee has decided to not make use of anything plastic in and around the pandal premises. The committee has also given special attention to proper waste disposal and has placed separate dustbins for dry and wet waste. Even the food stall owners have been given training on minimising the use of plastics.

At the pandal, bamboo, coconut rope, and hay are the primary materials that have been used for decorations.

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