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Leaving No One Behind

Meet K Sheethal Nayak, A Transwoman, Who Quit Engineering To Fight For The Rights Of Transgenders

Sheethal Nayak, A Transwoman, started an NGO – SCOHD with an aim to build a more trans-inclusive society and fight for the rights of transgenders in India

New Delhi: Realisation dawned on K Sheetal Nayak as an engineering student. And from that moment nothing was same for the young person. “I was born a boy. When I was studying engineering in Goa, it was there that I discovered my identity as a woman. My family didn’t accept this and I realised the dark side of being a transgender,” says K. Sheethal Nayak, a trans-woman, who was born and raised in Pondicherry. After four years of college when K. Sheethal Nayak came out to her parents about her identity, she wasn’t accepted. She decided to move out of the house.

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The Journey

Soon, Sheethal found out that members of the LGBTQ+ community were being abused, with no one to turn to. This discovery came to her one evening when she and her friends witnessed a man being beaten by two other men. The man was a prostitute and the two assaulters had refused to pay him for the sexual favours they had received. This led to a double discovery for Sheethal – there were other homosexual and transgender people in Pondicherry and they were an exposed group with no safety. It is then Sheethal decided to quit engineering and do something for her community.

In 1998 Sheethal started to work for the cause at a grass root level. She started arranging group discussions and get-togethers in safe places with members of the LGBTQ+ community. Talking about the challenges that transgender people face, Sheethal said,

For transgenders there are always challenges. Our challenges start from the family, our own mother doesn’t like us, they don’t want to accept us. In schools, we don’t get any recognition, there is no curriculum for us. For us mostly, we get two options that is begging and sex work. We face double the discrimination and stigma.

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Sheethal’s passion about her cause led her to create SCOHD society in 2003 that stands for Sahodaran Community Oriented Health Development. Sahodaran, which means brother in Malayalam was created with the aim to create a safe space for people of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi and transgender) and MSM (men who haVE sex with men) community. Explaining the area of her work and her organisation, Sheethal said,

For 22 years, I have worked for the community. I have been working for the pride, LGBTQ groups in Pondicherry and have helped open up Transgender Federation in the state. Today, there are 15 self-help groups in the Transgender Federation, who work for safeguarding and protecting the rights of transgenders in the community. SCOHD also works as a supporting association for LGBTs and MSMs, providing health promotion and education for these vulnerable groups. Since these groups have very little chance of proper health care, SCOHD offers health counselling and treatment, counselling concerning mental health and well-being.

Apart from all this, SCOHD also promotes education and provides skill training to the community so that the community can uplift their status and get skilled jobs. Sheethal says that SCOHD is more than just a health clinic, it is a place for free expression, support and education, explaining the day-to-day working of the NGO, she adds,

On a daily basis, SCOHD is offering family counselling, HIV/AIDS and psycho-sexual counselling, legal aid counselling, protection against domestic, physical and homophobic violence. We have created a place where one can just come and talk, meet like-minded and be themselves.

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Meet K Sheethal Nayak, A Transwoman, Who Quit Engineering To Fight For The Rights Of Transgenders

Sheethal started SCOHD society with an aim to make a place for free expression, support and education for the transgender community

Way Forward & Building A More Trans-inclusive Society

Sheethal says that once the family accepts the transgenders, things will be way more inclusive. She adds,

Inclusivity starts with the family. If our own father and mother accepts us and our own identity, then we – transgenders will have no problems.

Talking about the NGOs goal in the near future and how does she sustain her platform, Sheethal signed off by saying,

Our whole organisation works on donations. We are working with like-minded people and building a safer place for transgenders. In the near future SCOHD hopes to extend their activities by offering shelter to LGBTs WHO need a roof over their head. SCOHD also wants to fight discrimination in the workplace by setting up a factory where their members can be offered TO work together with others. This will provide them with both a possibility to earn a livelihood as well as feel accepted and safe where they work. Our long-term goal is justice and equality for all, changing the way Indians view this minority group while empowering its members to feel more comfortable being themselves.

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