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Throwing Your Kitchen Waste Recklessly? Think Again! We Give You 5 Ingenious Ways To Reuse It

A lowdown on how to manage kitchen waste easily. Take cue people and help manage India’s waste load

Throwing Your Kitchen Waste Recklessly? Think Again! We Give You 5 Ingenious Ways To Reuse It

New Delhi: We are living in a time when throwing anything to everything into the dustbin is a crime. Today, India is generating 62 million tonnes of waste every year. Out of this waste, 45 million tonnes of garbage remain untreated, and that’s about 3 million trucks of untreated garbage. So, it is the need of the hour for each one of us to become a socially responsible citizen of India and help fight the country’s waste crisis.

To get started with the green journey, the first few baby steps that one can take immediately are by managing their kitchen waste rightly. And by effective management of kitchen waste, we don’t mean just composting! Yes, you heard it right, so get going with the green journey with these 5 creative ways on reusing your kitchen waste.

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1. Don’t Throw The Egg And Nut Shells, Instead Put It In Your Pots

Throwing Your Kitchen Waste Recklessly? Think Again! We Give You 5 Ingenious Ways To Reuse It

Next time don’t throw away these plant nutrients in the dustbin

Before you toss those egg or nut shells like those of pistachios and peanuts into the dustbin, think again. These waste items can be used as a natural fertiliser to your plants as they give calcium and aerate the soil. For all those people who love to do composting at home, these waste items are an excellent addition to your compost pit.

So, instead of mindlessly throwing these regularly used items as waste in the dustbin, reuse it in this creative way.

2. Regrow Your Food Scrap

Throwing Your Kitchen Waste Recklessly? Think Again! We Give You 5 Ingenious Ways To Reuse It

Food scrap like Pineapple topmost root, carrots, cabbage, ginger to name a few can be easily grown again in your garden. All you have to do is follow some simple rules – First, take out the topmost root of the vegetable or the fruit like pineapple and put it at the top of the glass full of water. After 2-3 days, put the root inside the soil and water regularly. Voila, soon you will have your own veggies and fruit garden. Happy planting!

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3. Use Onions And Garlic Skin As Stock

Slurp it up! Use the skin of onions or garlic in your soup stock

Indian dishes are incomplete without the use of these two kitchen superheroes – Onions and Garlic. On average, every second household uses these two kitchen staples for making delicious food. So, next time if you use these ingredients, don’t just pop the skin in the dustbin as a waste. Instead, use it to make delicious homemade soup stock and enjoy slurping!

4. Citrus Scrub And All Things Fresh!

Don’t waste any orange and lemon peels – they come with tonnes of benefits. You can use orange and lemon peels for your skincare regimen or can chew on an orange/lemon peel to alleviate bad breath. You can also throw few peels into your garbage disposer to de-stink or can put it in flower vase along with some fragrance oil and it will work as a room freshener.

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5. Use Banana Peel As A Polish

Use banana peels to polish your plant leaves, silverware or simply use it for your skincare regime

Next time you eat a banana, instead of throwing its peel in the dustbin use it to polish the leaves of plants at home or rub them on your leather shoes and see the magic. You can also use it to polish your expensive silverware and make them as good as new.

Banana peel also makes your plant blossom, it helps reduce the diseases in the plant and give your plant a new life if it is drying up. Now that’s a win-win situation! Did you know these creative ways to use the banana peel waste?

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