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Coronavirus Outbreak

To Fight Coronavirus Pandemic, This Company Has Developed A Contactless Mobile Van That Will Provide Doorstep Testing For COVID-19

This Indian tech company has developed a high-tech contactless mobile van which will help in testing COVID-19 infected people  in the hotspots 

To Fight Coronavirus Pandemic, This Company Has Developed A Contactless Mobile Van That Will Provide Doorstep Testing For COVID-19

  • In India more than 17,000 people have been tested positive for coronavirus
  • Indian-tech company has developed a contactless mobile van 
  • It provides doorstep testing for COVID-19 patients

New Delhi: In a first, Spencer India Technologies Pvt Ltd has designed a contactless check-up clinic van for testing people for COVID-19 infection in hotspot areas (areas which have maximum positive cases of COVID-19). This contactless mobile van has been modified to cater to the coronavirus situation. Manish Malik, Chief Executive officer, Spencer India Technologies Pvt Ltd said,

Coronavirus is a deadly infection that spreads from one human to another. And at the maximum risk are the healthcare workers, keeping this very point in mind, the company designed the contactless mobile van for testing. At this given point in the country, what is needed the most is that testing for COVID-19. At the same time, we don’t want people to go to hospitals unnecessarILy for the screening and testing and that is where this mobile testing van will come handy.

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Features Of A Contactless Mobile Van

The testing van is designed in a way where health workers conducting the test won’t require to come out of the vehicle. A small movable stand is also fixed outside on the rear which has all handwashing/ sanitisers materials kept for the usage for patients. The van has a two-way wireless loudspeaker to communicate between people sitting inside the van and standing outside.

Explaining the process, Mr Malik further said,

The doctor will communicate to the patient through a loudspeaker on how to get his/her test done. This is a good solution for testing patients belonging to hotspot areas.

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According to the company the van has a provision of conducting up to 300 tests a day and the costing of the mobile van is between Rs 1.20 lakh to 1.40 lakh depending on the vehicle which will either be provided by hospital or nursing home. Currently, a test model has been developed by the company and for the implementation of the concept the company is in talks with various state governments including Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and Maharashtra.

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