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This ‘Trash Rap’ By Children Will Remind You How Garbage Is Messing Up Our Planet

A group of children have come together and written, performed a ‘Trash Rap’ in order to highlight the danger of drowning in garbage

This ‘Trash Rap’ By Children Will Remind You How Garbage Is Messing Up Our Planet

New Delhi: Picture this – One fine day you get up in the morning, fetch a bottle of water to quench your thirst, but instead of drinking it you throw it away because the bottle is filled with dirt. Next, you decide to go and brush your teeth, open the tap for water, but instead of getting water, get handful of dirt. Without waiting for a second, you instantly throw it away and clean your hands with a towel. Then put toothpaste onto your brush, figure that it is also covered with dirt and is so unhygienic that it can’t be used. You try to breathe and calm yourself, move out of the house to get fresh air, but then get stuck in between piles of garbage. You walk and walk, but you don’t find a place which is less dirty or garbage free.

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What will you do if this dream was a reality? Asks these unfortunate children from Patna who came together and wrote, performed a ‘Trash Rap’ in order to highlight why it is important for each and every one of us to join hands and manage India’s growing garbage mess.

The rap showcases the reality of the city known as Kachrapur and highlights the difficulties citizens can face if they continue to dispose of their waste in the open areas, defecate/urinate in the open or simply choose to stay careless and keep on littering their surroundings.

The video has been made by ACEE Studios in association with the Children’s Film Society in India, through this they want to highlight the plight of living in an area full of garbage and remind people about the danger of drowning in their own garbage.

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Watch The Video And Learn To Stay Swachh

From adopting a healthy practice of waste segregation to composting of biodegradable waste, asking civic authorities to timely clear the garbage from the area, not relying on single use plastic like straws, PET Bottles, etc.; there are a lot of things we as citizens of India can do in a bid to make India a better and cleaner place to live. Take a cue, people!

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