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On The Occasion Of #WorldEnvironment Day, Poonam Mahajan Says That Little Actions Of Ditching Plastic Can Make A Large Difference

Poonam Mahajan said that a healthy green GDP of a country ensures that the country goes forward

Poonam Mahajan said that little actions of ditching plastic can have large impacts

New Delhi: ‘’If you can’t reuse it, refuse it,” This was Mumbai MP Poonam Mahajan’s message on the occasion of the 45th World Environment Day, which is being hosted by India. Resonating this year’s theme of #BeatPlasticPollution, Ms Mahajan said that little actions on our part can ensure that the problem of plastic is solved. Commenting on the relationship between environment and the economy, Ms Mahajan said that along with India’s present performance of a healthy Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the country’s green GDP should also be talked about. When green GDP comes together with country’s growth, the country can grow forward.

Environmental consciousness is a collective effort and it is up to us to decide the kind of environment we want for ourselves and our future, said Ms Mahajan. Not using straws, plastic made cup covers for coffee mugs and using paper or fabric bags are little actions which can ensure that usage of plastic is minimised. While these actions may seem little initially, these are the ones when taken by large number of people, ensure larger impact and significant results.

Ms Mahajan expressed her gratitude towards Bhamla Foundation, which has for years, worked towards a cleaner and greener Mumbai.  Ms Mahajan requested people to join the World Environment Day celebrations on June 5 at Mumbai’s Carter Road. The contribution of every citizen is important for a cleaner environment for the future generation, said Ms Mahajan.

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