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Here’s Your Guide To Host An Eco-friendly Christmas Bash

Celebrate the season of joy – Christmas while keeping the planet healthy. Here is your guide to ring in the festival in a green and eco-friendly way

Here’s Your Guide To Host An Eco-friendly Christmas Bash

New Delhi: The holiday season is just around the corner and as everyone will gear up to bring in the festivities with a bang, ‘going green’ might not be the first thing in anyone’s to-do list. But in today’s time when our country’s waste generation is touching the sky and is causing tremendous waste load on the planet, it becomes a duty of every citizen to celebrate the festivals while being socially conscious. In numbers, India produces about 62 million metric tonnes of waste every year, out of which 31 million tonnes of waste is left untreated and dumped at the landfill sites.

So, as we get ready to ring in the holiday cheer with a party, here are simple swaps we should opt for that will help keep the planet green. After all, we just have one planet to live!

Swap Plastic And Disposable Cutlery With Biodegradable Alternatives

 Here’s Your Guide To Host An Eco-friendly Christmas Bash

There are more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating in the world’s oceans. That’s an amount that is equal to the area of Argentina. No doubt plastic cutlery is easily available and convenient, but the problem is that we are using so much of plastic that today our planet is drowning in plastic waste. Every single year, plastic pollution is taking the life of nearly 1 million birds, and 100,000 whales, sharks, seals, dolphins and turtles.

This Christmas, do your bit towards the environment and opt for cutlery that is biodegradable in nature. Today in the market there are many eco-friendly alternatives that will help you make this green switch. From opting for cutlery made from sugarcane that can decompose within 80-90 days to edible cutlery that is made from a mix of jowar, rice and wheat flour and paper straws, there is an alternative to almost everything you need to get your party going.

Go For Eco-friendly Décor

Yes, party decorations are the utmost important thing for any party lovers but have you ever given a thought what happens to all that waste such as balloons, streamers, tinsel and sparkling baubles once it has been used. Well, the answer is that these things which you end up using only once, block India’s already overflowing and dying landfills for thousands of years.

So, this year, bring in the Christmas cheer in a green way. Decorate your home with reusable things such as instead of fairy lights opt for earthen pots or eco-friendly candles, swap balloons or plastic decorations with DIY options like flags made out of old fabrics, string made using things like bottle opener, measuring cups and spoons, bangles, and bells, to name a few.

You can also pep up the boring walls with some quirky Christmas or food DIY quotes. All you need is a little bit of creativity, colorful sheets, pens, glue and you are good to go.

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Ditch The Traditional Christmas Tree And Bring Home An Eco-friendly Alternative

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Put some old books, magazines or other paper waste to some good use this Christmas – make your very own personalised tree out of it

Usually, Christmas trees are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC)—a non-recyclable plastic that emits lots of pollutants during production and even transportation. This Christmas, ditch the traditional option and bring home a green alternative. From making a Christmas tree on a blackboard in your own creative way to making a tree with string lights on the wall, there is a green alternative for everyone.

One can also make a personalized Christmas tree with old books, magazines or other paper. Just draw a Christmas tree on the cardboard and cut it up and then simply start decorating it with old papers, mails or magazines.

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Swap Gifts With Eco-friendly Alternatives

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Upcycled home decor Christmas goodies

Spread the Christmas joy in a green way by giving your loved ones eco-friendly goodies that will not only make them happy but will also keep the environment healthy. Choose upcycled home décor products or Christmas souvenirs made using old items, accessories made out of waste or paintings, dolls made out of paper waste, there are a lot of green alternatives to pick from.

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Don’t Let Your Waste Go Into The Trash Bin

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One thing all the party planners need to keep in mind is that they should not put things in the trash bin mindlessly. One should keep a track of the waste and try to manage it effectively. While preparing the food, all the wet waste should be kept aside and reused via composting, whereas dry waste could be minimized by opting for greener alternatives and lastly if there is any amount of food wastage then it should not go into the trash bin. If there is excess food then one can give it to the food banks in their locality so that the food goes to the less fortunate people instead of the dustbin or should be distributed among friends and family.

The idea is that one should take the responsibility of the waste and try to manage it themselves. Hopefully, we all will do our bit towards the environment and end the year on a green note!

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