How Are You Staying Safe And Healthy? Share Your #SwasthyaMantra With Us

How Are You Staying Safe And Healthy? Share Your #SwasthyaMantra With Us

Now, more than ever before, our safety, health and well-being are in our own hands, quite literally. We want that people actively participate in keeping themselves, and therefore each other, healthy & safe. We hold the well-being of our community in our hands. That is the message, or mantra, of this campaign. Keep your hands clean, and then use them to measure the appropriate safe distance between you and others.



  1. Sunil kumar carpenter

    Korona ko harane,hum sub than le,
    Tika hi hathiyar hai,yh jaan le!

  2. Shriti Shrivastava

    Jaan hai to Jahaan hai
    Ghar me rahe surakshit rahe
    Apne se touch me rahe phone se
    Mask pehne sanitize kare and 2 gaj ki duri bana k rakhe

  3. Veena Aggarwal

    Stay home stay safe

  4. Ranadeep Rudra Paul

    I safe Society Safe.

  5. Hath dhulayga toh india swastha rhayega

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  7. एक नई Campaign कोरोना से बचाव के लिये

    “Keep Distance”
    “दूरी बनाये रखे”

    सामाजिक दूरी, मास्क लगाये, थूकना नही, धूम्रपान नही, भीड़ में न जाये

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    Youtube music video

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    लाइक करे शेयर करें सब्सक्राइब करे

  8. Shared some of my entries for #swasthyaMantra

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