New Study Highlights That Pregnant Women Often Lack Adequate NutritionThe study suggests that pre-conceptual and pregnant women may not be meeting the minimum requirements of a healthy diet

Washington D.C.: In a recent study, researchers have highlighted that very often pregnant women do not meet nutritional recommendations for vegetable, cereal, or folate intake. The study was published in the journal ‘Maternal & Child Nutrition’ and also highlighted that pregnant women did not meet iron or calcium intake requirements in 91 per cent and 55 per cent of the studies, respectively, and also exceeded fat intake recommendations in 55 per cent of studies.

Higher level education was associated with improved adherence to dietary guidelines in pregnant women, and older age and non-smoking status were associated with greater guideline adherence in both pre-conceptual and pregnant women.

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The findings suggest that pre-conceptual and pregnant women may not be meeting the minimum requirements of a healthy diet. This could have potentially negative consequences for pregnancies and the health of offspring.

The relationship between a healthy diet and birth outcomes is well-established, yet our research suggests women may not be following the guidelines developed to help them eat well, largely because they are unaware of the guidelines in the first place, said corresponding author Cherie Caut, of Endeavour College of Natural Health, in Australia.

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The community needs better information about healthy eating in order to address this issue. Promoting links between diet and healthy pregnancy and birth, and increasing support for health professionals, may help better inform women and their partners about the importance of dietary choices on pregnancy success, Dr. Caut added.

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