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How To Organise An Eco-Friendly New Year Bash. Here Are Top 5 Ideas

Ditch those conventional party ideas and ring in the New Year in an eco-friendly way. Grab that creative hat and get ready to receive a lot of appreciation

How To Organise An Eco-Friendly New Year Bash. Here Are Top 5 Ideas

New Delhi: Shivani Sharma, a 28-year-old girl bids adieu to the going year with great pomp and show. From party theme to invitations, from food and drinks to decoration, each and everything in her party is grand. Shivani is not alone, who welcomes New Year in this way. There are many others like Shivani who party with great enthusiasm. But amidst all this, what goes unattended is the amount of waste which is generated.

In statistics, India generates 62 million metric tonnes of waste every year of which mere 25% is recycled. Rest of the waste straight away makes its way into the landfill sites that are already dying because of the tremendous amount of garbage dumped on a daily basis by us. But we can give some relief to our over-burdened landfills by choosing the road less travelled. As 2017 is coming to an end, let’s welcome the New Year in a bit unique way. Let’s have an eco-friendly themed party.

Here are top 5 ideas to organise an eco-friendly New Year celebration, take a cue:

1. Make Your Own Eccentric Yet Conventional String

How To Organise An Eco-Friendly New Year Bash. Here Are Top 5 Ideas
2017 has been the year of quirky and creative things! Now a days, almost everyone wants something out of the box yet conventional stuff. Add a touch of creativity and make your own string. Wondering how? Well, take out all the things you think can pep up the decoration and put them together using a thread. Things like, bottle opener, measuring cups and spoons, bangles, and bells together can make a good string. You can also cut out different shapes out of a newspaper or a magazine and put them together using a thick thread or a rope. This kind of string will look both colorful and quirky.

2. Redecor Boring Walls With DIY Food Quotes

How To Organise An Eco-Friendly New Year Bash. Here Are Top 5 Ideas
Who does not love food? Who does not love food related quotes and memes? Of course, everyone does. Take advantage of this thing and make your party interactive and funny through décor. All you need to do is prepare some food quotes and paste them or hang them in the party area or near food counter. A little bit of craft will surely get you a lot of appreciation.

For this, all you need is some colorful sheets, colorful pens, glue and you are good to go. Think of some funny food related quotes and jot them down in a beautiful handwriting. Cut outs of fries, Pizza will also look nice!

3. Deck Up Your Cocktails, Mocktails The DIY Way

How To Organise An Eco-Friendly New Year Bash. Here Are Top 5 Ideas

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Everyone loves those cute little cocktail umbrellas used as a garnish or decoration in cocktails and mocktails. Those pretty looking umbrellas are really simple to make. All you need is some paper and toothpicks. The umbrella is fashioned out of paper and toothpick is placed in between so as to prevent the umbrella from folding. A sleeve of folded newspaper or colorful paper can act as an umbrella.

4. Upcycle Those Deadly Plastic Bottles And Light Up Your House

How To Organise An Eco-Friendly New Year Bash. Here Are Top 5 Ideas

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Ditch those conventional party decorators like balloons that often pop before the party finishes and make use of things you already have. Use empty plastic bottles, jars, containers and give them a rich new look by either painting them or by putting some fairy lights in them.

Once you are done partying, you can keep them safely to be used in your next party or you can simply pep up your bedroom by keeping them in your bedroom on your bedside table.

5. Say No To Food Wastage

How To Organise An Eco-Friendly New Year Bash. Here Are Top 5 Ideas
People in India waste as much food as the whole of Britain consumes per annum. According to the United Nations Development Programme, up to 40 percent of the food produced in India just gets ‘wasted’.

Knowingly or unknowingly a lot of food is wasted during the parties. Like, the fruits in your drinks is one of the most wasted food items. But you can save the humongous amount of fruits from going into waste. Once the party is over, take up all the leftover fruits and make one of the easiest and tastiest things i.e., a fruit custard.

The other option is to make a delicious homemade stocks. Collect the edible scraps like the cauliflower stocks, ends of green beans, tomato tops, veggie peels, dehydrated greens, corn cobs, dried out garlic cloves in a jar (or zip-lock bag) and freeze them. Then put everything together into a pot of water. Bring to a boil for an hour and voila your ready made vegetable stock is ready which is great for making gravies and soups.

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