Before you use a plastic bottle, plastic bag, plastic straw, spoon or cup next time, remember to watch this video of a diver who has captured shocking images of himself swimming through a sea of plastic rubbish. Today it is him, next time it can be you! The video which was shot at a dive site called Manta Point, about 20 kilometres from the popular Indonesian holiday island of Bali has been posted by diver Rich Horner on his social platforms Facebook and YouTube.

In a Facebook post, Horner wrote how the ocean currents had carried in a “lovely gift” of jellyfish and plankton, and also mounds and mounds of plastic.

Plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic cups, plastic sheets, plastic buckets, plastic sachets, plastic straws, plastic baskets, plastic bags, more plastic bags, plastic, plastic. There is just so much plastic! said Rich Horner.

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In the video, Horner showed how he is surrounded with different types of plastic waste and instead of spotting more Manta Rays, he saw only one. Horner writes,

Surprise, surprise, there weren’t many Mantas there at the cleaning station today…

Plastic pollution is taking life of nearly 1 million birds, and 100,000 whales, sharks, seals, dolphins and turtles every single year. The problem of plastic pollution is so huge that even the Arctic oceans have not been able to escape the unending tide of plastic trash. Recent report from Norwegian researchers found that there are traces of plastic everywhere in the Arctic Ocean.

This video is just another wake-up call for each one of us, telling how our oceans soon can drown in the plastic mess created by us.

The country we live in produces around 15,342.6 tonnes of plastic waste every day. Moreover, ranked 12, India is among the top 20 countries that dump maximum plastic waste into the oceans.

Currently, India is the 7th largest plastics manufacturing base in the world, with over 150 countries importing plastics from India. It is expected that by 2020, India will become the third largest plastic consumer in the world, so there will be a lot more plastic waste in circulation.

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Now is the time to make a green move – ditch the usage of plastic items in your daily life. One small step by approximately 1.2 billion people of India can make a big difference.

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