This Van Mahotsav, Go Green By Planting A TreeDo your bit to make India clean and green, plant a tree

Trees help in building soil, moreover, they help soak up stormwater before it can lead to a flood. They also offer energy-saving shade that reduces global warming and creates habitat for thousands of different species. And most importantly, can help remove carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the air, which cools the earth.


(Note: Clicking on this link will take you to the SankalpTaru Foundation website. Disclaimer*)

How Can You Make A Difference?

The ‘Plant a Tree’ drive is the initiative of SankalpTaru Foundation that is helping India increase its green cover by planting more and more trees across the country.

To contribute towards the cause, all you have to do is click the above link, choose one green sapling you want to plant in your region for Rs 100 and SankalpTaru Foundation will do it for you.

Some of the sapling options available are Guava, Mango, Coconut, Pomegranate, Lemon, to name a few. All varied and native fruit-bearing species on the farmlands of identified farmer beneficiaries at the provided plantation locations.

 By doing this not only are you increasing India’s green cover but you are also helping provide an additional livelihood for many people. 

*Disclaimer: This link shall direct you to the SanklapTaru website where you can apply online to plant a tree in your name. All related queries shall be taken care of by SankalpTaru Foundation. The role of NDTV is that of a facilitator between the intending participants and SankalpTaru Foundation, and NDTV is promoting the initiative on a best efforts basis and in good faith.


  1. Thank you

  2. Please kindly send your executives to society and residences to collect donations in kind or cash as it is not virtual and one to one

  3. Natarajan Krishnamurthy

    We can plant trees on both sides of railway tracks throughout our country.This can be done at the start of monsoon time so that they can survive initially for three months and later on grow by themselves.Trees can be planted at a little distance away from tracks for safety as then they will not fall on tracks.Trees can reduce the heat and fatigue of railway Traveller and more pleasing sight during travel

    1. Bhupendra Singh

      Well this is quite good and great thoughts.
      Let me add one more thing to this: A very simple thing which can be done by all humans around the world as I did last week. Just collect your mango seeds in refrigerator (Container) after eating and cleaning/washing (It will not deteriorate).
      Later as you travelling by car or long travelling by Train or even in sandy area (Where it can grow), you can throw the seeds at the same distance intermittently.
      one can do the same things with Neem, Cheeku & Mango seeds, throw it and will give you big trees. Even papaya and orange seeds may good for local birds for fruits.

      Everyone do something for Green environment.

  4. HI, a very simple method to create space for the greenery would be to plant hedges instead of compound walls between 2 societies or houses. this will not only increase the greenery without creating a space problem but also help in creating catchment areas for the rainwater harvesting thus reducing flooding in the cities.

  5. Bhoopendra Kumar

    I plant a tree but someone broke it I am very disappear but I like to plant the trees I am Cary on…….


    Too many trees can suck the ground water out. Already Indian ground water is going down. Mindless initiatives like these have to be questioned. Some trees have really long roots. Such trees should not be planted.

    1. Bhupendra Singh

      It is really a misconception that planting excess of trees can suck the ground water. The things act opposite. Just visit forest and desert area. Well in deep dense forest – whenever rain starts, the rain water takes much time (around 2 to 3 hours) to reach the ground. Even in more dense forest rain water takes 1 full day to touch the ground directly. Tree leaves hold the water and slowly drop it to the ground giving sufficient time to suck the water. Some trees suck water and save it for the ground. Trees developed their own technique to save rain water, while in other open area rain drops splash the ground and flows immediately to the rivers.

      So planting more trees can help the ground water to increase. Please Correct your basic Sir…


  7. Bhupendra Singh

    Well I personally try to Plant a tree at least in a year and so far I am quite success….
    Well today only we planted around 45 No. trees and hopefully we will not allow to die a single tree…
    Last year planted around 12 trees, 11 survived….

    Hopefully next year the target number will reach more than 150…

    “Pedh Lagao or khud ko Bachao, Jeevan Khushhaal Banao”
    Well by putting trees I am trying to help our next generation….

  8. Great initiative and affordable for all, we should make it viral!

    1. Sohan pal (C.A.)

      i have planted 100 trees nearby my locality in last 2 months. i planted them nourished them and watering them daily. i have noticed 4 basic problems which govt only can solve it.
      1 stop putting road waste on the footpaths ie dust.
      2 There should be at least 6 inches depth in footpaths and places where plantation can be done
      3 provide space for the plantation ie dig a patch in which we can plant.
      4 last but not the least ie very important watering them on regular basis.
      planting a tree is like adopting a child. it requires a strong determination and passion.
      i have made a complaint to the PWD deptt regarding the watering the plants complaint no is 137808 on 17th sept 2018. And i watched that from last two months no water is given to plants by the deptt.
      Reply from the deptt is that ” we watering the plants from time to time”.
      So it is the duty of ALL OF US, not just the govt or a single individual to make delhi liveable for our future children.
      Delhi require at least 1.25 crore trees to make it pollution free. see how much efforts we have to make. But its not Impossible……………


    *By the next 10 years, Earth will become 4 degrees hotter than its now. Himalayan glaciers are melting at a rapid rate, so all of us lend our hand to fight global warming. Plant more trees, don’t waste water. Don’t use or burn plastics. Because one can’t fight against the global warming.*


  10. Madhumita Bhattacharya

    Who looks after the plants after planting them. Watering is required regularly as well as protecting them from predators.

    1. Thats the major concern. We should not feel happy just by planting trees. Taking care after planting is even more important otherwise its a waste of money and time too.


    Need to save mother planet n need to plant millions of trees to soak tons & tons of harmful emissions.Share this message to all your friends,relatives & wellwishers to show that your care not only for them but for their generations to come.

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