Turn Kitchen Waste To Compost: Amitabh Bachchan’s New Swachh Message

Turn Kitchen Waste To Compost: Amitabh Bachchan’s New Swachh Message

Segregation of waste is turning out to be a huge problem for India. Lack of awareness on dry and wet waste has led to dumping of tons of waste in landfills, which in turn is becoming a health hazards for the citizens of India
Turn Kitchen Waste To Compost Amitabh Bachchhan’s New Swachh Message

Chandigarh: Union Ministry of Urban Development has launched its new publicity campaign under the Swach Bharat Mission aimed at encouraging people to convert kitchen waste into compost for scientific processing of municipal solid. Named as ‘Compost Banao, Compost Apnao’, the campaign has superstar Amitabh Bachchan as its brand ambassador. Stating this here today, Joint Secretary of Urban Development Ministry Praveen Prakash said that scientific processing of solid waste in all urban areas was one of the key initiatives being carried out under Swachh Bharat Mission.

The Centre has been stepping up efforts to encourage conversion of biodegradable waste into compost, for use as fertilizer, and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill sites, he said.

The new campaign is an attempt to encourage citizens to contribute towards making their city clean.

Prakash said the ministry has adopted a multimedia approach for the campaign.

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To maximize the impact and reach of the messaging, the campaign comprises TV commercials, which would be aired through all leading TV channels and would be supported through print, digital cinema, radio and outdoor ad campaigns-posters, hoardings in public spaces across various cities, he said.

The campaign is produced by the ministry with the help of NFDC, he added.

The advertisement features Mr Bachchan reciting dialogues from some of his blockbuster movies while appealing to various target groups to set up decentralised composting facilities in their respective premises and using the same for converting kitchen waste into compost.

Mr Bachchan also appeals to nursery owners and horticulture agencies to pledge to use city compost in their gardens, farmhouses and public gardens.

The commercial ends with the tag line ‘Compost Banao, Compost Apnao’ by Bachchan, encouraging the citizens to adopt the practice of composting, Prakash said.

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  1. Hello Sir,

    With due respect, i really appreciate your efforts in this area.

    Myself Sushil and i am staying in Pimple Saudagar,Pune. I was facing similar issue in my society about house and Society waste four years back.

    Then i realised about importance about the waste management in my own society. Since then, i am continuously working in this area and now i am generating manure from Green waste .

    With the help of Housekeeping staff, we are putting all green waste from house and Garden into one particular area. Then on daily basis, i put Cow Dug and water into Green waste. After One/two months, that waste turn into useful manure.

    Now my Society is capable to generate their own manure. We don’t required to buy mud from outside.


  2. Most of educated people understand the concept of dry and wet waste. But problem is with execution.
    Government is spending lot on advertisement about teaching the same concept peole studies in their school book. Along with it government should be telling from where we can buy economical compost making machine or make it available at some government offices.

  3. I have contacted 1969 help line number for making compost at home, they referred me a web site http://www.wastemanagementcorporation.com which does not exists, how we can know procedure to make compost at home.

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7LnBpJkuhs

      attach this video of how easily one can convert kitchen waste into compost

  4. Good idea, bad implementation. As usual. How would I go about it? Simple…make all hotels and super markets sell chopped vegetables. So the person who buys chopped vegetable would get it at concessional rate, when compared to those who buy it without chopping. The vegetables selected would be freshly chopped. Government would offer subsidy for installing the compost converting unit at such places…i.e., hotels, and super markets. These people would end up employing people for chopping vegetables, plus ensuring that organic waste in the city is minimized. It should also be possible to order such chopped vegetables from such parties. Effectively, compost generation would be more or less centralized.

  5. I know in person so many people who are interested in compost making machine, however, there is no information available. It would fail the usefulness of this initiative if this information is not shared.

  6. राजेश मोदी

    आपके helpline नम्बर 1969 पर कई बार बात करने की कोशिश की,लेकिन कोशिश बेकार गयी
    मैं काम्पोस्ट मशीन को अपने apartment मे प्रयोग मे लाना चाहता हूँ
    राजेश मोदी

  7. I tried to call 1969 it’s just keep on repeating dose not give any information where to buy the compost bin

  8. I am living in Ghaziabad in a Housing Society of almost 850-900 families already staying there.. I need to know where can I get a COMPOST MAKING machine that can cater to the demand of our society, n what will be the price of it.. Can I get any contact number of the Right Person to talk about this..!!!

  9. Sukhdev Singh

    Idea is good and being advertised a lot but could any body tell me the name of agencies (Govt or Private) engaged in manufacturing of Compost Making Machines please. Many people want to convert their waste into compost and keep the environment clean but we are finding adds only no practical sollutions

  10. Very good initiative…. But you have to also make it available easily for common people and make it available in vegetable market and similar type of markets

  11. Swaccha Bharat is the most basic but still neglected area. To start Be convienced to separate vegetable waste from your household. educate society members ,create manure area,collect dry vegetable waste and not cook remains,process as per norms,divide responsibility with retired and young members. Plant useful plants and use manure. Please keep seed bank dabbas to collect seeds in fruits and vegetables eaten and replant seeds.Ths will give lot of joy and happiness as you witnessbwonders of nature.
    Any help please contact.Do not depend on govt agency,take your first step today…All the best….

  12. Trupti Ghugare

    Respected sir,
    Very glad to see this initiative from govt of India.I am also running a NGO name SREESHTI, Jaipur . We have submitted a project on composting .if possible please provide us the source were we can submit the project .

  13. Somnath Vairagade

    Hi guys…..,
    Is there anyone who can suggest me the helpline for compost bin under compost banao compost apnao scheme (Swachha Bharat Mission)…….?

  14. Satyendra Pahariya

    We have a RWA by name Harmony Apartment Owners Welfare Society in Jaipur. We want a formal training/guidance to use veg. Garbage into compost. Is it possible ?

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