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After Recycling Electronic Waste To Make Medals, Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics Takes Yet Another Eco-Friendly Step

Recycling is the biggest theme of Tokyo Olympics 2020 as different kinds of waste is being recycling to create medals, podiums and now beds for athletes

After Recycling Electronic Waste To Make Medals, Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics Takes Yet Another Eco-Friendly Step

New Delhi: Tokyo 2020 summer olympics aims to set new records when it comes to minimising waste and using recycled material for as many items needed for the games as possible. The latest announcement pertains to the beds that will be provided to the athletes during the game. The organisers have now announced that all the bed frames being commissioned for the games will be made entirely from recycled materials. The organisers revealed in an official statement on Thursday,

The bed frames that will be available for the athletes to sleep in will be entirely made of recycled materials. While the bed frames will be made of recycled cardboard, the mattresses on the other hand will formed of polyethylene materials that will be reused for plastic products after the events.

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A total of 18,000 beds will be required for the Olympics and 8,000 for the Paralympics, the organisers have announced. These beds and mattress will be provided by Japanese Mattress company Airweave Inc., an official Tokyo 2020 partner company.

All of the bed frames will be made from high resistance cardboard, which will be able to support weights of up to 200 kg, more than any athlete weighed at the 2016 Olympics that were held in Rio. After the games, the beds will be recycled into paper products and the mattress components into new plastic products, Airweave has explained.

Tokyo 2020 aims to set an example by recycling as much as 99 percent of the goods procured for the games and executing this massive event with as little waste generated as possible. So the medals are being made from discarded electronic waste, the Olympic torch is being made from aluminum waste, podiums from recycled household and marine plastic waste, and electricity for the event will be powered by renewable sources. The games will be held in Japan’s capital from July 24 to August 9.

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