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Waste To Wonder: All About Delhi’s New Theme Park ‘Seven Wonders Of The World’

Created from waste materials like old bench, typewriter, scrap metal, retrieved from Delhi’s landfills, seven artists have worked for five months to create replicas of some world’s famous monuments in the ‘Waste To Wonder’ park like Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa

Waste To Wonder: All About Delhi’s New Theme Park ‘Seven Wonders Of The World’

New Delhi: Delhi, one of the world’s oldest and largest cities, seeped in history, home to some of the world’s best monuments, is today grappling with many modern day problems of massive population, chaotic traffic, life threatening pollution and mounting garbage. As if to reconcile these contradicting realities of Delhi a new landmark called the ‘Waste To Wonder’ is all set to be inaugurated today. The park is home to replicas of some of the most visited monuments in the world. But what makes these structures unique is that these have been constructed from waste materials like scrap metal, discarded auto parts, procured from the landfills of the city. The park seems like a tiny island isolated in its being and message from the congested surroundings of the Sarai Kale Khan Inter-State Bus Terminus and the Outer Ring Road, where people and vehicles of all kinds jostle for space and clean air.

Waste To Wonder: All About Delhi’s New Theme Park ‘Seven Wonders Of The World’

Waste to wonder park hosts seven wonders of the world made from scrap metal

Recalling how the idea of the park was conceived, Dr Punnet Goel, Commissioner, SDMC, says,

Through the movie Badrinath ki Dulhniya, I got to know Kota in Rajasthan has seven wonders park comprising miniatures of Seven Wonders of the World. While watching movie I thought why not build a similar one in Delhi? Initially we thought of constructing replicas using bricks but then we thought why not use scrap material just like we did to build 30 sculptures like Qutub Minar, Lotus Temple as part of ‘Waste to art’ programme and installed in various parts of Delhi like T3, Dwarka. One thing led to another and gave shape to this park.

To give life to the idea, five artists, seven supporting artists and 50 labourers from across the country, came together. Using close to 80 tonnes of waste, facsimile of wonders of the world were created in around six months.

Since the clones are made from scrap metal, anti-rust enamel is being applied on them. To give out details of monuments, there will be stone plinths with every replica, providing information about both – original and duplicate of the wonder.

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The clones at the park established by the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has the Great Pyramid of Giza, the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the Seven Wonders of the Medieval World and others such as the Colosseum, Christ The Reedemer, India’s gem – Taj Mahal, are listed under New7Wonders of the World.

Waste To Wonder: All About Delhi’s New Theme Park ‘Seven Wonders Of The World’

South Delhi Municipal Corporation has created this park using 80 tonnes of waste

Here’s all you need to know about the ‘Waste To Wonder’ park soon to be open for public.

1. USA’s Statue Of Liberty: Bearing The Torch To Enlighten About Garbage Crisis

Waste To Wonder: All About Delhi’s New Theme Park ‘Seven Wonders Of The World’

USA’s statue of liberty made using 7-8 tonnes of waste

35 feet tall replica of the Statue Of Liberty has been created using seven to eight tonnes of waste by 31-year-old Zakir, a Delhi based artist. While the pedestal has been created using old pipes, metal railings and angles, giving the look of bricks, circular rings on it have been created using car rims. In her left hand, Roman liberty goddess holds a tablet carved from a MCD bench and metal sheets and in the right hand, she holds a torch fabricated from old bike and its chain. Lastly, her hair has been made using cycle chains.

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2. Brazil’s Christ The Redeemer Overlooks Delhiites

Waste To Wonder: All About Delhi’s New Theme Park ‘Seven Wonders Of The World’

Replica of Christ The Reedmer made using motorbike and cycle chains, pipes from benches

While square pipes from benches have been put horizontally to make the pedestal, electric poles have been placed vertically to make lower part of the statute’s dress. Also, engine parts have been used to replicate the detailing in the hands and motorbike chains have been used to create hair. Made by Vadodara based artist Shubham, replica was built in almost five months.

3. Paris’s Eiffel Tower – An Architectural Feat Of Its Time

Waste To Wonder: All About Delhi’s New Theme Park ‘Seven Wonders Of The World’

Shining Eiffel Tower originally from Paris, France, has been created using 40 tonnes of automobile waste

70 feet tall twin of wrought-iron lattice Eiffel Tower originally from Paris, France, has been created using 40 tonnes of automobile waste including petrol tanks from trucks, clutch plates, C channels (structural channel used in construction), and angles. All the three floors of the replica were created separately and then assembled with the help of a crane. The replica created by artist Sandip Pisalkar from Vadodara, does do justice to the original structure that was built in 1889 by Gustave Eiffel.

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4. Taj Mahal, A Teardrop On The Cheek Of Time

Waste To Wonder: All About Delhi’s New Theme Park ‘Seven Wonders Of The World’

Taj Mahal, symbol of love, has been created by 24 labourers using 30 tonnes of waste

Replica of the Taj Mahal, symbol of love was created in five and a half months with the help of 24 labourers and 30 tonnes of waste. The beautiful metal structure has been crafted using 1600 cycle rings, electric pole pipes, old pans, park benches, swings, angles, truck springs and sheets. While domes have been created using 2” pipes (cut into pieces), truck sheets have been used to create intricate design and window and door frame has been made using benches.

5. World’s Largest Amphitheatre Colosseum From Rome Comes To Delhi

Waste To Wonder: All About Delhi’s New Theme Park ‘Seven Wonders Of The World’

Colosseum gets old touch in the national capital Delhi

Massive stone amphitheater known as the Colosseum was commissioned around A.D. 70-72 by Emperor Vespasian of the Flavian dynasty as a gift to the Roman people. Taking inspiration from the same, SDMC commissioned 16’ 6” replica of the Colosseum in Delhi using seven tonnes of waste including electric poles, metal railings, bench, automobile spare parts and other scrap metal. Also, 410 car wheels have been used to make arches.

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6. Leaning Tower Of Pisa Carries The Weight Of 10.5 Tonnes Of Waste

Waste To Wonder: All About Delhi’s New Theme Park ‘Seven Wonders Of The World’

39 feet tall replica of Leaning Tower of Pisa has been built using 10.5 tonnes of waste at 60-80 degree angle

The tower of Pisa which got the prefix ‘leaning’ because it started tilting during its construction in the 12th century now has its clone in Delhi. 39 feet replica was built using 10.5 tonnes of waste at 60-80 degree angle. While 211 arches spread out in eight storeys have been fabricated from cycle rim, diamond designs in between the arches have been made from metal sheets and pipes have been used to give the look of pillars.

Explaining the design over the entry gate, Ram Kumar, the artist from Tamil Nadu says,

Over the gate, we have used a part of bench and grass cutter and an arch over it has been made using springs and a part of typewriter.

7. Awe-Inspiring Egypt’s Pyramid Of Giza

Waste To Wonder: All About Delhi’s New Theme Park ‘Seven Wonders Of The World’

Egypt’s Pyramid of Giza made using scrap angles only

The Great Pyramid of Giza which is the oldest of the seven wonders of the ancient world now has a look-alike in south-east Delhi. The 110 layer structure has been created using 10,800 feet scrap angles weighing 10-12 tonnes by Patra Pijush Patra from Vadodara.

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The total cost of the project was Rs. 7.5 crore. A small entry fee, which is yet to be decided, will be charged from visitors to for the regular upkeep of the place. For the convenience of visitors, we have constructed a toilet from an old shipping container. We plan to develop a food truck sort of eatery from old truck, says Mr Goel.

Waste To Wonder: All About Delhi’s New Theme Park ‘Seven Wonders Of The World’

Washroom constructed from an old shipping container and solar panels installed on top

Apart from recycling waste materials to create the installations, the park has also taken other measures to cut down its carbon footprint, like using solar power to meet its electricity needs. In an effort to make the park self-sustainable, solar panels have been installed on the rooftops of the washroom and there three solar trees in the park, which capture energy from sunlight and wind for producing energy. Apart from solar panels there is also a wind mill that adds to the park’s capability to generate electricity for itself. Shedding light on the same, Alok Kumar, Director, Horticulture Department, SDMC, says,

Through solar and wind, we will be producing around 28 KW of power of which 15-20 KW will be consumed and the surplus would be fed into the grid.

Waste To Wonder: All About Delhi’s New Theme Park ‘Seven Wonders Of The World’

One of the solar trees installed in the park to generate electricity

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Further explaining the green cover created around all the replicas Mr Kumar says,

At Kota, all the replicas are created in a straight line which shifts an individual’s focus. We wanted visitors to embrace one wonder at a time because of which we have used trees as curtains. Every monument is surrounded with hundreds of trees. Say, you are standing in front of the Eiffel Tower; you will not be able to see any other masterpiece.

The SDMC plans to start a light and sound show to showcase the journey leading to the one of its kind waste to wonder park. SDMC has decided to charge an entry fee of Rs. 50 from adults, and Rs. 25 from children belonging to the age group of 3-12 years. Children up to three years of age, senior citizens – 65 years and above, and school students from the municipal corporations, carrying their identity cards will not be charged an entry fee.

The waste turned into artistic masterpieces transform into breathtaking installations in the evening, when each of these replicas are lit up. Apart from soaking in the beauty of these world–renowned monuments, authorities hope that the visitors also absorb the message that the park imbibes – recycling waste and embracing renewable energy for sustainable and environment-friendly future.

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