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Nutrition Week: Children Living In Village Near Jharkhand’s Jamshedpur Are Suffering From Malnutrition

Head of a small village near Jamshedpur has claimed that about 12 children living there are suffering from malnutrition

Nutrition Week: Children Living In Village Near Jharkhand’s Jamshedpur Are Suffering From Malnutrition

Jamshedpur: Many children from a village in Bodam block of the district are suffering from malnutrition-related issues with villagers alleging lack of medical facilities and awareness in the area. Villagers from Potkadih village of Bodam block claim that residents do not have proper awareness about the right diet. Village headman Sarad Chandra Mahto claimed that there are about 12 children suffering from malnutrition here.

We have 12 children who suffer from malnutrition. There are no roads and no medical facilities here. People are not aware of how to get a proper diet. The government also does nothing to solve people’s problem, the village headman told ANI.

Lakhendra Mahto, another village resident said,

Children of the village are suffering from malnutrition and blood deficiency.

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Another villager Upendra Mahto also echoed similar sentiments and said that the residents do not get enough food and vegetables for consumption. A medical practitioner from the area said that the lack of awareness among villagers is leading to malnutrition-related issues among children and she has examined two such patients so far.

Doctor Niyat said,

The villagers coming to Anganwadi centre are not medically aware. It is not that Anganwadi is not providing food, but parents here are not aware when it comes to personal hygiene. As of now, I have checked two children who are suffering from malnutrition and have Thalassemia.

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